Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)

It’s always swimsuit season in Southern California and The Hills star Audrina Patridge remains ready to hit the beach in this sexy new photoshoot for South Beach Diet (2020).

The 34-year-old reality and mother-of-one uses the meal delivery plan to help maintain her ideal weight and stay healthy, a stark contrast from the way she used to live her lifestyle.


Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)

Audrina, who has a three-year-old daughter Kirra Max with ex-husband Corey Bohan, explained: Being a mom, I see situations very differently now and I live a very healthy lifestyle.

When I first started on The Hills, I was going to fast food restaurants and didn’t really care too much about working out because you’re young, you can eat whatever you want, but when you get a little older, nutrition and what you put in your body becomes more important.

You get energy from certain things you eat, you start noticing your skin changing and your hair is shinier.

She went on: Ten years ago, I didn’t really have options like South Beach Diet … then it was more fried foods, fast food, having to work out more to maintain that healthy body that you want.

Now with South Beach Diet, it’s easier because they have all these amazing snacks, just throw them in your purse, and also these really delicious go-to meals that you just pop in the oven or microwave and you’re good to go.

My motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle is my daughter. I want her to learn from me, and children learn through watching, and actions and observing, so if she sees me maintaining a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy and eating nutritious things… and also exercising and doing chores and cleaning up. I hope that she can take on what I teach her.

Audrina is an ambassador for South Beach Diet.

Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)Audrina Patridge Sexy (7 Photos)



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